We are, in the very least Ice Cream with Sprinkles

We are always in our heads, thinking, questioning, evaluating, strategizing and we can really get tangled up in our thoughts if we are not careful.  We are made up of several bodies, that is the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. We have the mental body that facilitates our capacity to think but we are not meant to be stuck in them or have them control us.  We are meant to have a balance between the bodies where there is a flow between them to guide us.

Now, I am just like everyone else and I’ve been questioning again, a question I know everyone has and wrestles with. Who am I really?   Now, I don’t want to get my knickers in a knot over it, desperately trying to get an answer and spinning around in my head in that attempt.  I used to do this and I don’t like it much so now that I know better, I ask and then sit in the flow and observe.  Well it is just a matter of remembrance. We know who we are, we just forgot.

Since it is a question everyone asks and many do get twisted and knotted up in it, I am sharing what I’ve discovered.

  • I am light
  • Since we are all one, I am you and that one and that one and we are all the Divine
  • I am love
  • I am energy

It is quite simple.  We are all these.  In the very least, this is who we each are.  It is like ice cream.  In the very least we are all ice cream with sprinkles.  The sprinkles are the sparkles.  We all have sparkles, variations of how we shine the light. dipped-ice-cream-cones-7

We all have our challenges like melting too quickly or not melting fast enough, or being so cold that we give others a brain freeze or soft and delicious; just so yummy.

We each come here to display different colours and flavours of ice cream and sprinkles.  That is our mission, to display those colours and flavours so everyone can experience the variety. We can even be made of different ingredients such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk, soy, nuts or coconut, but we are all still ice cream.

Do you shine the Divine Love and Light by holding a door open for someone or smiling kindly at the grumpiest face you see? Do you share your being with an upbeat attitude or give people gifts for no reason? Do you help others by guiding them to their own answers or do you visit others to help with the chores?  Do you see what I mean, how our uniqueness is in the delivery?

The great thing about this is that we don’t have to stuck forever as one flavour of ice cream with a specific colour of sprinkles.  If being chocolate peppermint with yellow sprinkles is not working out for you, you can try mango with brown sprinkles.  You can always add extra toppings.  We can rest reassured because no matter what we are still ice cream with sprinkles.

So the question is not Who am I?  We are all ice cream with sprinkles.  The question should be; What flavour of ice cream and I and what is the colour of my sprinkles? Have fun exploring this question and let me know what you come up with!

P.S. Don’t forget to jazz it up with a cherry on top!


image from: shewearsmanyhats.com

The Fairy Realm and the Full Moon Eclipse

In my last blog, I wrote about Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, the Celtic seasonal celebration of the start of the harvest.  It is an important time for the Fairy Realm who honour the energies in a 7 evening celebration.  Their festivities wrap up tonight along with the Full Moon which happens to be in a prenumbral eclipse.

The Full Moon is about letting go what no longer serves us.  This is more effective by acknowledging the purpose served with gratitude.

The Full moon in eclipse emphasizes these energies and offer opportunities for even greater growth.

These energies can be intense and can take us out if we are not in awareness.  They will move deep within us to shift old buried energies that need to move out.  Notice what comes up and let it flow through.  Be grateful for whatever you experience as it means the energies are clearing.

The beings of the Fairy Realm remind us to take time to honour and love ourselves, as well as to be in gratitude and joy.  Spend time outdoors and they will be there to offer any assistance you ask of them.






Today is Lughnasadh( Lammas), the Celtic celebration of summer harvest.

It is the third seasonal cycle celebration of the four main celebrations in the Celtic year. It marks the mid point between summer solstice and fall equinox.  The other celebrations are Imbolc, February 1; Beltane, May 1 and Samhain, November 1.

Lammas comes from the Anglo Saxon word  meaning loaf mass as the Europeans celebrated the wheat harvest.  Also known as Lughnasadh, in honour of the Celtic sun God Lugh and honoured for the rays he provides in the summer.  Summer is where the sun meets the earth, the masculine meets the feminine.  It is the time of full expression, abundance and balance.  It is the time where the fruit, berries and the first crops are ready, therefore the harvest begins.

This is the perfect time to look at your own personal cycle and see what goals and dreams you have set out to accomplish.  What have your crops have yielded?  The seeds you planted in the spring and tended to since have they now bloomed or wilted in neglect?  Have some flourished while others barely sprung?  Where did you place your attention and from which perspective did you place it?  Did you plant more than you can attend to?

If your crop is abundant, it Is time to celebrate.  If not, no need to worry, it just means that it is time to re-evaluate your processes.   The great benefit with the metaphorical and vibrational realms is that you are not dependant on physical time and factors; you can start at anytime.

Let the harvesting begin!


Treasures in the Shadows

Here is an example of how taking an enlightened look into the shadows with the elementals can yield gifts.

In this picture, there is a shadow being in the shadows of the shrubs.  Beside is a fairy reaching for a ball of light.

Take a good look at the photo and do not scrutinize what you see, just be aware of it. Engage your senses.  Make note of how you feel looking at it.20170722_105507 (5)

Now ask yourself some questions.  Are you making it out to be scarier than it is?  Are you seeing the boogeyman or beyond it? Are you shining the light into the shadows?  Are you looking at the gifts hidden within?  Are you going to be taken out by what you feel lurks in the shadow side? Are you following the fairy and reaching for the light?

In the shadows, I see an odd being with big bird like eyes and a raptor beak.  He is also wearing a top hat and is holding with his claws a chalk or marker.  It is definitely intimidating on first look.  Yet, what does it truly mean to me.  When I open my senses rather than shutting down or constricting, it feels very native to me.  In asking further, I sense that it is a shaman being.  This shaman shape shifted into something that looks very intimidating and scary while lurking in the shadows to get my attention.   He is wanting to know if I am going to let my fears take me out or if I am going to shift them to trust.   Then I can choose to be like the fairy and reach for the light.  Or even be a fairy who places balls of light.

Looking at the shadows can be scary if we allow our fears to govern our thoughts.   Looking into them with the light, full of awareness can be illuminating and full of treasures.

The Cat Came Back

When I was little there was this vignette of the song “The Cat Came Back” that played at commercials. I found it funny but didn’t really understand it.  Well after a friend kept coming back after the relationship ended a few years ago, I got it.

In the circumstances that occurred at the time of the relationship’s ending and the times leading up to it were loaded with precious lessons.  The more I remained detached from the emotions and drama, the clearer the lessons were to see and understand.  It wasn’t easy in the mist of being hurt by this person to remain detached but I did and I knew what I had to do.  Even though I did it with love and the greatest intentions, it was not viewed that way nor well received.  As I went into feelings of guilt and sorrow, I questioned my abilities, my motives, my actions.  Yet, I knew I had detached and clearly received the guidance.  I had to accept that I did my best, that the friendship had come to an end and I had to let go. So I did. And I cleared all of my emotions related to it including the doubt.  I moved on.  I accepted my lessons of trusting in myself.

Yet she kept coming back wanting to connect.  When I felt that she could openly hear what I had been expressing, I met with her.  It was nice getting together but not right.  She did hear me but at the same time I knew she had not completely gotten it. To me we were no longer aligned. Again, I moved on. catcameback04

Still, she kept coming back out of the blue wanting to connect.  I kept getting a sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw her emails.  What did she want now? Her communication was always friendly enough, yet there was this undercurrent of bite to it.  She had this way of belittling me in a nice way.  She was still continuing her behaviour of correcting me and making me feel doubtful of my skills.  She was just looking out for me but at this point in my development, I didn’t need it. Truth is, I never needed it, it was not up to her to do but I allowed it to happen and now it was no longer a requirement to my growth.  What was this all about?  I thought that she was jealous and didn’t want me to move on and was working hard to pull me back into that point of the way it used to be.

So the last time she connected, I had to really look at what was going on.  In a couple of communications she had brought in messages for me.  The first one or two, I ignored, thinking she will get the hint but she didn’t.  This time I asked that she not do it.  I thought that my lesson this time was to do with boundaries.  It was, but that was not all. I had to look at the other part of her communication about our energies looping.  This annoyed me to no end as she was constantly talking about this when we were friends; always dropping the responsibility on me. This never made any sense to me as I always practiced good energy management. Since, I have learned so much more about energy management and practice cleanly now, this was even more annoying to me. Again, thinking the lesson was about boundaries, I returned it to her.

Yet, it continued to bother me even though I felt that I learned my lesson, cleared the energies and moved on.  At this point, looking at it from a different perspective, I realized that although I had moved on in my heart and mind, I had not affirmed it.  I didn’t think that I needed it but if in looking at it with complete honesty, I wanted to leave the door open, hoping that things can go back to way they used to be. I hadn’t completely moved on. The thing is that I am not the same person anymore. I have grown in leaps and bounds and things could never be as they were.

The lesson really had to do with boundaries but different levels of boundaries.  I had allowed her to dictate how things should be and work as well as her belittlement of me in every way. I was full of self doubt and allowed her to do all of this.  I allowed her to demolish all boundaries.  And that is what the looping energies meant!

The cat came back until I really understood all of the lessons.catcb

Nature is full of wonder and beauty.  Sure, there are the mosquitoes, deerflies, ticks, poison ivies, etc, to deal with but with a little precautions, preparation and tolerance, a walk in nature can be magical.

If you take a moment to tune into the energies and connect with the elementals while respecting nature, the nature beings can show you a good time.

Each time I go, I am always amazed.  You don’t even have to be clairvoyant or even intuitive, you just need to have an open heart and be willing to see the beauty.

Here are a few fun examples the elementals communicate with us.

They can be quite entertaining. So the next time you are out, take a few moments to see what you can notice around you.  Have some fun with it.

The Gift of Feathers

Over the past several months, I have been finding feathers on my walks.  I saw them and acknowledged them with a nod, not wanting to walk around holding a feather or 2 the rest of the way.  I knew they were gifts but thought, what am I going to do with yet another feather.  They were not beautiful feathers, with colours or neat markings.  They were run of the mill goose or seagull or pigeon feathers.  Occasionally, I would come across a mangy crow feather.  I really have no need for a bunch of feathers at home and if I was going to bother picking up and carrying around feathers, I wanted something more interesting and in good shape.

As I worked on building my relationship with the nature beings, I learned that these were special gifts for a specific purpose and I was missing the messages in my wanting the feathers to be a certain way. It had nothing to do with the feather themselves.

Once, I came across a whole pigeon carcass with all of the feathers on it.  I didn’t go near it for fear of finding maggots and other disgusting critters. I also felt bad because I had left seeds for the pigeons in that area a few times when the weather was really cold and thought that I contributed to its demise.  Later on, as my masculine mind was busy and I was able to receive, I realized that it was a gift and I didn’t acknowledge it.   I felt so bad for missing the gift that I completely missed the message.  I did send them a thank you and an apology for missing the true gift. The next time I was at that spot, I looked for it but it was gone.

Whenever I found a feather after that, I acknowledged it and took the message as being the message of the bird it came from.  So if I saw a seagull feather it meant the fairies are with me and I am opening up to their realm.  If I saw a pigeon feather it meant that I had to find peace within myself.  And so on.

Well, that was only part of the message.   On one nature outing, I came across an area filled with goose feathers.  I was guided to collect quite a few and after taking them home and cleaning them, I had to ask why so many?  What is the true meaning of the gift?

I was missing the true meaning with the individual feathers so the nature beings brought me a flood of feathers to get my attention.  And the message was clear.  It is time to spread my wings and take flight. They are here abundantly feathersupporting me.

In order to be aware, I have to slow down and as I enjoy the treasures along the way, take the time to get to know the true meaning of the gifts.  As I build my relationship with the nature beings and work with them as allies, I am learning so much and am so grateful for their guidance.