Aversion to anger

Why is everyone afraid of anger?  I’m not talking about unchecked or violent anger.  That is a whole different discussion and I am not discussing that here.  This article is the every day anger.  Anger is an emotion and emotions are indicators.  Emotions tell us what our current state is.

Feeling anger is part of being human.  Expressing anger is healthy.  Even loud expression of anger is healthy.  So what is this aversion to anger humans have to it?   The problem is that anger is governed by the fire element and humans fear fire. The expression of this fire element ignites the fire element in those in others. That means that others have to look at their own actions.

When someone is angry, it is because something is not working for them and is hurting.  Immediately when we feel someone’s anger, we know there is pain and just assume that it was caused by our own actions somehow.  We move into defensiveness and since we are not ready to look at our own issues we dismiss the anger in others as wrong.

Most often, the pain the person is in is caused by internal messaging and rarely to do with another.  All it takes is to listen to the person expressing to diffuse it.  All it takes to help someone is to hear them.   If it brings up emotions in yourself, it is best to look at them too afterwards.

Rather than fear the fire, see it as an opportunity to find a gift.  The fire provides light and warmth.  The fire can be transformed into something that you need. Embrace anger.  Listen to yourself when you feel it.  Listen to others when you hear it.  Uncover a treasure.


Believing is Seeing

In our culture, we tend to say, “I’ll believe it when I see.”  We look to our minds for logic and proof.  We want to see with our eyes to know for sure something exists. Our society had evolved to function from the mental and physical senses. We need to physically see, touch, taste or smell it to believe it.  We are so entrenched in mistrust and fear that we struggle to trust in anything without wrapping our physical senses around it.

Yet we know that there are many worlds that exist outside our physical realm.  When we utilize our non-physical senses, we can see what our physical eyes cannot see.  We can use the intuitive senses of seeing, feeling, knowing, hearing, tasting and smelling to get a sense of what is there.  When we pull the 2 systems together, we can pull it into the physical realm.  This is how I see the elementals.

In order to do this though, I have to believe.  Not just yeah, ok, I believe that they are there but truly, in my heart believe.  I believe in their truth, in their essence, in their work and in their world. To have this depth of belief, my heart has to be open and expansive.

This allows me to be open to the possibilities and lets the elementals know that I am ready to connect.  It is like a knock at their door.  I would not knock on someone’s door if I did not believe that someone in that home existed.

The believing does not stop there though.  It continues to myself.  I have to believe that I can connect to a non-physical realm and trust in what I receive as truth. With this true belief, I can then link the non-physical senses to the physical.

Seeing in the non-physical realm does not mean the same as seeing in the physical realm.  Our physical eyes are designed and structured in such a way to work with the light and the cells in our bodies to allow us to physically see.  Connecting to a non-physical world from a physical world does not mean we can see.  The information does not translate the same way crossing realms.  We have to learn to use all of our senses to see.

All this factors into seeing from believing. Rather than saying “seeing is believing”, open up to your senses so you can say “believe is seeing”.


Maintaining a Relationship with the Elementals

Today my daughter and I returned to a path that we had not been on since the spring.  We usually forgo it as the mosquitoes are insanely populated and hungry but we also wanted to explore many other areas.  That was all good and well but our absence was strongly felt on this other trail.20171105_093951

By repeatedly returning to this one trail over the long winter months, we built a relationship with the elementals in the area.  We did not have conversations with the elementals but our open hearted presence and respect was felt.  All of the actions we took, like picking up garbage, feeding the birds, asking permission to enter and sending out intentions to connect were relationship building.

They were getting to know us, expect us and look forward to our visits.  Then out of nowhere we no longer stopped by.  The elementals let us know when we walked through today.  The forest was completely silent.  No people, no birds, no squirrels.  We did not sense any beings at all.  If that was not enough, they left some signs.  I found this face in the moss with an open mouth for communication.20171105_100830 (3)

Then, on a tree, this phone symbol. There message was received loud and clear.   20171105_100118 (2)_LI

We let them down and they are not happy about it.  We will now have to rebuild our relationship and work even harder to earn their trust.  We will have to see if they forgive us and allow us to reconnect.  We will have to see how long it will take to do it.  In our exuberance to explore, we forgot what we already had.  Building and maintaining a relationship is a conscious act.


In the Celtic tradition, Samhain is an important day, marking the midway point between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.  Pronounced sah-win, this festival celebrates the end of the harvest and the beginning of the darker half of the year. Samhain takes place from October 31 to November 1 but traditionally the celebration goes on for several days because there is so much to honour.

It is also known as the festival of the dead, meaning summer has ended and the vegetation dies off with frosts thus celebrating the circle of life.  Fires were lit and scary costumes donned to scare the evil spirits. This is because the veil between realms is the thinnest at this time.  It is a time where we can more easily connect with our ancestors and the faery realm. It is a good time to bring closure to those who have lost a loved one.


It is the time of the Crone and the Horned One. It a time of reflection, to go within and process all that has been acquired throughout the year and turn it into wisdom. The Crone, the goddess of wisdom, teaches us that in order to move on, we must first let go. The Horned One is the god of the wild hunt, stag of great antlers. He is the animal that must die so we can eat.  Together they show us the process of rebirth through death.  It is an excellent time to celebrate and honour the animals that gave their life for our nourishment.

Samhain is also marks the start of the Celtic new year.  This is the time to count blessings and give gratitude of for all that has come to be this past year.  It is a good time to review how the year unfolded to see what to keep and what to let go of as you go within for the next few months and plan for the upcoming year.

All of the nature spirits and beings of the faery realm celebrate the year and all of the work, they give thanks for their blessings.  They have done so much to keep our planet healthy and vibrant.  Should you decide to connect in this time where the veil is thin, ask what you can offer them.  Sometimes the simplest is the best, just stopping for a moment and from the heart, offer up your gratitude. If you would like to offer more, listen to your heart what would be best.

Whether it be the ancestors or the faery realm you honour, or both this Halloween, make sure you take time to celebrate and have some fun too! May your new year be full of good fortune and joy.  Happy Sawhain.


Cats and Dragons

You are probably wondering what cats have to do with dragons.  These 2 have a lot in common but it is their incarnated blend that is special. Dragons have been incarnating on the physical plane for a very long time.

Just like many other realm beings, there are souls who have incarnated into physical forms to experience the physical plane.  The incarnated souls also have a mission to awaken human consciousness and assist in bridging relationships with their home realms.  Not only are they here to guide and teach, they are here to learn from us as they have their own lessons to go through. This is a perfect example of how humans work with our allies in the physical plane.

Dragons have chosen cats as one way to accomplish this. They do not limit their incarnation to the domesticated feline species though and one can find dragon energy linked to other animals, especially those with vertical pupils. The cat is the most popular species as a companion to humans since their temperament and essence are the most similar of all the animal companion species.dragoncat

Cats live life on their own terms. They are proud and laid back beings and can be affectionate or aloof but are always watchful, taking in silently all that goes on, letting you know in their own way and time whether they are happy or not. Dragons are very similar.  Cats also teach to connect to one’s inner magic so what better being to incarnate in.  Dragons may also choose a species based on the experience they would get from the physical form itself. Some dragons are more comfortable in the familiar lizard skin.  Many dragons want to experience what it is like to have fur.

Just like any being that incarnated into the physical plane, there is an issue in remembering who they are and why they are here. Although dragons tend to remember quite quickly, this can be delayed by the spiritual growth of the animal soul it incarnated with. Once the dragon awakens, the teaching really begins and their reaching for learning opportunities increases.

If you share your home with a dragon cat, you may find your feline friend getting into all sorts of mischief and getting mad at the fluffy being will be received with a shrug and a comment like: “This cat needed the learning experience.” This is your cue to ask yourself, with discernment what your lesson is. It may relate to a lesson for the human or it may just be a purely personal dragon cat experience.

Dragons wish to work with humans once again and help is our development. They are quite clever in finding ways to connect with us. Dragons teach us about truth and help us transmute energies. Cats teach us to express our own magic and to develop our intuitive and physical senses.

I have encountered many cats with dragon energy, including my companion. Dragon cats will find humans companions that are dragon incarnates or who have worked with dragons in the past, to help them re-awaken to the dragon energy or if in this lifetime, the human is to work with dragons. It is an amazing way to connect 2 realms and assist us in remembering our truth.


pictures collected from: https://www.google.ca/search?q=dragon+cat&newwindow=1&rlz=1C1GGRV_enCA751CA751&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiG_bTh2ZTXAhUd24MKHXtNBuYQ_AUICigB&biw=1366&bih=637#imgrc=NaY9mxiyAm8T4M:

Get in the Rhythm of the Season and Go With the Slowing Flow

As I look out my window on this wet fall day, I close my eyes and go within.  I hear the sylphs whisper a message in the wind.

In the fall, the days get shorter, and the reduced light signals the deciduous trees to reduce and then stop producing the chlorophyll that keeps the leaves green.  When the chlorophyll stops, the tree begins to prepare itself for winter.  The chlorophyll is what keeps the leaves green.  When there is no more chlorophyll, the leaves reveal their true colours rather than changing colours. 20171014_140926

All aspects of nature work in harmony.  The wind blows and gusts.  The nuts drop and the leaves fall away from the branches.  Slowly the leaves accumulate, carpeting the ground in a multitude of colours.  The naked trees stand tall reminding us of our own vulnerability.  The rain nourishes the roots and help breakdown the leaves.   Many animals collect the bounty the summer produced, for winter storage.  The temperature drops and the trees reduce their sap flow.  The last of the hardiest flowers drop away. The amphibians and reptiles dig into the earth to settle into hibernation.  As the temperature continues to drop, the rains turn to frost and snow and all of nature is blanketed for the winter slumber.

It is a time to harvest the fruits of our labours and propagate the seeds.  It is a time to see all of the beauty around.  It is a time to reveal our true colours and drop what no longer serves us.  It is a time to let go and recycle the old so that we can be freshly nourished in the spring.  Fall is a time to prepare for winter.  It is a time to send all to our core so we can prepare to go within and re-evaluate and dream.

So when the days grow darker and cooler, notice how your chlorophyll stops producing, your energy drops and your expression lags.  Feel good about snuggling up in a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea. Take a few moments to see how you are part of the process.  Realize that the fall process takes place over several months and not over one weekend.  Feel good about slowing down.  You still need to harvest your fruit, collect and sort your nuts, drop the old and compost the garbage but take your time with it.  Get in the rhythm of the season and go with the slowing flow.

Thanksgiving and the Elementals

What is Thanksgiving really? It is a time to give thanks. But what are we truly thankful for?  Of course there are always the people in our lives, the places we live and see and the material items we surround ourselves with.  And, absolutely we should be thankful for these.  But have we ever stopped to think about what is behind all of these?

For the water, air, earth, fire and for each person, animal, plant and rock in our lives, there are countless unseen beings who nurture, manage,  guide and direct these specifically for each of us so we can have the life and circumstances we need to expand and grow.

A tree can be grown specifically to turn into a log that lay in your path so you have to turn back and go the long way.  A rock could be placed in the right spot for someone to grab and throw at you.  A dog could be born and raised so that you are bitten.  As awful as these things sound, they happen beautifully and according to the plan set out by you before you got here to ensure that your life unfolds the way it is supposed to.  The same way a particular herb is grown so that you receive it to heal or a kitten is born to provide you companionship and comfort or rocks are unearthed to provide steps to your door.  All of these are orchestrated by our unseen allies who do what it takes to make these events happen.  Each step of the way involves many beings selflessly working on our behalf.

So when your cat walks across your laptop to remind you that life is not all work, thank your furry companion and the fairy that guides her.  When the rain falls on you, thank the sprites for cleansing you and all that surrounds you.  When the tree drops a branch just as you walk under it, thank the tree spirit and all of the elementals that live in the tree for reminding you to be present.

This Thanksgiving, when you sit down to eat with your family, look at each person and see the angels behind them.  Look at the food on the table and see the fairies behind them.  Look at the candles and see the sparks who provide light. Look at the dishes and see the heat, the water, the air and the earth it took to make them and to cook all of the food.  Give thanks to the unseen allies in your life.

I would like to share a Gratitude Prayer that I offer whenever  I am about to eat.

“Thank you elements and elementals for all that you have done to ensure that this food be safely provided to me.  I ask that my body absorb all that it needs from it and the rest past through, all with ease and grace.”