Get in the Rhythm of the Season and Go With the Slowing Flow

As I look out my window on this wet fall day, I close my eyes and go within.  I hear the sylphs whisper a message in the wind.

In the fall, the days get shorter, and the reduced light signals the deciduous trees to reduce and then stop producing the chlorophyll that keeps the leaves green.  When the chlorophyll stops, the tree begins to prepare itself for winter.  The chlorophyll is what keeps the leaves green.  When there is no more chlorophyll, the leaves reveal their true colours rather than changing colours. 20171014_140926

All aspects of nature work in harmony.  The wind blows and gusts.  The nuts drop and the leaves fall away from the branches.  Slowly the leaves accumulate, carpeting the ground in a multitude of colours.  The naked trees stand tall reminding us of our own vulnerability.  The rain nourishes the roots and help breakdown the leaves.   Many animals collect the bounty the summer produced, for winter storage.  The temperature drops and the trees reduce their sap flow.  The last of the hardiest flowers drop away. The amphibians and reptiles dig into the earth to settle into hibernation.  As the temperature continues to drop, the rains turn to frost and snow and all of nature is blanketed for the winter slumber.

It is a time to harvest the fruits of our labours and propagate the seeds.  It is a time to see all of the beauty around.  It is a time to reveal our true colours and drop what no longer serves us.  It is a time to let go and recycle the old so that we can be freshly nourished in the spring.  Fall is a time to prepare for winter.  It is a time to send all to our core so we can prepare to go within and re-evaluate and dream.

So when the days grow darker and cooler, notice how your chlorophyll stops producing, your energy drops and your expression lags.  Feel good about snuggling up in a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea. Take a few moments to see how you are part of the process.  Realize that the fall process takes place over several months and not over one weekend.  Feel good about slowing down.  You still need to harvest your fruit, collect and sort your nuts, drop the old and compost the garbage but take your time with it.  Get in the rhythm of the season and go with the slowing flow.


Thanksgiving and the Elementals

What is Thanksgiving really? It is a time to give thanks. But what are we truly thankful for?  Of course there are always the people in our lives, the places we live and see and the material items we surround ourselves with.  And, absolutely we should be thankful for these.  But have we ever stopped to think about what is behind all of these?

For the water, air, earth, fire and for each person, animal, plant and rock in our lives, there are countless unseen beings who nurture, manage,  guide and direct these specifically for each of us so we can have the life and circumstances we need to expand and grow.

A tree can be grown specifically to turn into a log that lay in your path so you have to turn back and go the long way.  A rock could be placed in the right spot for someone to grab and throw at you.  A dog could be born and raised so that you are bitten.  As awful as these things sound, they happen beautifully and according to the plan set out by you before you got here to ensure that your life unfolds the way it is supposed to.  The same way a particular herb is grown so that you receive it to heal or a kitten is born to provide you companionship and comfort or rocks are unearthed to provide steps to your door.  All of these are orchestrated by our unseen allies who do what it takes to make these events happen.  Each step of the way involves many beings selflessly working on our behalf.

So when your cat walks across your laptop to remind you that life is not all work, thank your furry companion and the fairy that guides her.  When the rain falls on you, thank the sprites for cleansing you and all that surrounds you.  When the tree drops a branch just as you walk under it, thank the tree spirit and all of the elementals that live in the tree for reminding you to be present.

This Thanksgiving, when you sit down to eat with your family, look at each person and see the angels behind them.  Look at the food on the table and see the fairies behind them.  Look at the candles and see the sparks who provide light. Look at the dishes and see the heat, the water, the air and the earth it took to make them and to cook all of the food.  Give thanks to the unseen allies in your life.

I would like to share a Gratitude Prayer that I offer whenever  I am about to eat.

“Thank you elements and elementals for all that you have done to ensure that this food be safely provided to me.  I ask that my body absorb all that it needs from it and the rest past through, all with ease and grace.”



A Special Encounter on World Dragon Day

Yesterday was World Dragon Day. It is a day set aside to celebrate and honour the dragons as well as our collaboration with them.  I wanted to do something special for them. When I asked how best to honour them, I was told to connect and shown a specific location to do so.

I went and thought that there would many of them but alas there was only one.   It was a new dragon to me.  I have never heard of from any resource or personally had any encounter.  So I was delighted to learn that I met a bog dragon.  And yes, I was on a boardwalk, in a bog.  Her name, she told me, is Smitey.   When I asked if it was her real name she said no but I would not be able to understand her real name.  She did tell me what the Native Americans called her; that is Atanooka.  She was excited that I connected with her.  Despite her excitability, her presence was soft and her demeanour was quiet.  She felt like a salamander to me; smooth, shinny and wingless.   She appeared to be a small dragon, not much bigger than me.  She also felt translucent and to move in an undulating way.

I sat on the bench and attempted to connect with her deeper as well as the nature around me but she wanted me to keep moving as she wanted to show me something.  When we arrived at the spot of what she wanted to show me, I didn’t see anything but the dark water of the bog, the cat tails and reeds growing out of the water and some pretty green leaves on the surface of the water.  I saw all of this on the other side of the boardwalk.

When I didn’t get it, she said, “I’m sorry, I guess it didn’t come; must have changed its mind.”  I assumed she meant a beaver or some other critter.  It wasn’t  until I was about to go to sleep that I realized that what she was showing me was a reflection of my own dark water and the beauty that is sustained by it.  It was a confirmation of all of the work I‘ve been doing in clearing my emotional body and to watch for the beauty that is unfolding out of the rich nutrients sourced from below.  The growth as a result will attract and support other life.

So what she meant by her comment was that the aspect of myself must of changed its mind about the realization.

Meeting a bog dragon was interesting.  It was a very special gift to receive on a very special day!

The closest picture that I could find on the internet was this one.

wingless dragon

Messages From The Shadows

The Natures Spirits have many ways of communicating with us.  One interesting way is by playing with the shadows.  Sometimes they are just saying hello and other times getting our attention to delve deeper into our shadow side.

When we look at a shadow, we feel uncomfortable because there is absence of light. With it brings a lack of definition and clarity; we are not sure what the full picture is. It is more of what we don’t see that really scares us. There is a shadow, darkness, so what is lurking behind it?20170923_112000 (2)

Trees are one example of nature spirits teaching us to embrace the shadows.  There are an infinite number of possibilities of shadow play with the trees.  If you quickly look at a tree trunk full of shadows and the crown shadowed on the ground behind, it can feel a little menacing, with slanted leaves casting images here and there.  Often we notice slanted eyes and crooked mouths, reminding us of jack-o’-lanterns adding to the creepy feeling. Yet, when we take the time to look past the chaotic appearance of the shadows, we can pick up a variety of images.20170923_112000 (3)




Here are some examples of elementals using shadows to say hello.

Spider brings us many messages but here is a unique way spider brought through the shadow side of messages, captured in the image below.20171001_175450 (2) To us the shadow is scarier, to the spider, the shadow makes her feel more confident, protected. She is telling us that if we take our scary aspects and use them to our advantage they would not be scary.  In order to do so we do have to shed light into the shadow to see what is lurking there.


What is in the shadow?  Is it that you think that people do not like you? Transform it to the realization that people are too preoccupied with their own fears to know how they feel about you. Is it that you are too judgemental of others? Transform it so that you view others with compassion.  Is it that you get so angry with some people that you say blurt out hurtful words? Transform it so that you use your words assertively rather than aggressively. Discover what is in your shadow. Looking into our darker aspects can be challenging.  Let’s face it, no one wants to face the fact that they act or think or feel in a way that is causing issues in their life but doing so will bring in the light and transformation.

However you notice shadows in your life, have fun with them.  Venture down the dark and see where it leads you.  Just make sure that you are grounded and well connected to source before you begin your journey and you will be pleasantly surprised with your discoveries.


Typically, at this time of year, the air gets cooler, the leaves change colours, the squirrels are busy foraging, the geese take to the skies and we know that summer has ended.  This year, in my part of the world, the air cooled down for a short time and swung back into an intense heat wave.  As we wander about in light clothing we feel as if it is still summer.

Yet, it is a bit surreal as well with the leaves changing colours and falling, the geese practicing their flight formations and squirrels gathering as many acorns as they can.  Although the heat is not normal for this time of year, the rest is.  The hours of daylight vs the hours of night signals these changes.  So regardless of the temperature, the hours of daylight continue to shorten and fall flows in as usual.

This brings us to the fall equinox, or Mabon, the day marking the changes of seasons and where the amount of daylight hours equals the amount of dark hours. Going forward the days will get darker and darker.

Mabon is the Celtic celebration of the fall harvest.  It is a time of abundance.  It is also the time where mother earth begins her preparations to go within for the winter. It is a time to pause and honour the change of the seasons, to acknowledge the growth that occurred this past summer and to count the blessings that materialized.

As nature moves along with its natural cycle, I feel like Mother Earth is trying to get our attention.  As we evaluate what worked and what did not work in our own cycle, looking at what illusions we function in would be a good idea.  Some good questions to ask are:

  • What area is heating up in our life when it should be cooling?
  • What provides us with a false sense of comfort and enjoyment?
  • What lures us back into the past?
  • What causes us confusion?
  • Are we walking 2 worlds? Are we doing this with ease or forcing it?
  • Are we resisting the flow into the next season or cycle?
  • Do we see past the illusions and enjoy the beauty and gifts?
  • Where in our life have we achieved balance? Where have we not?
  • Are we able to count our blessings despite appearances?


  • mabon

Going With the Cycles

I’ve been feeling badly that I have not written a blog recently.  Then I realized that I am beating myself up again and this is very unproductive.  This did prompt me to go back to the basics and ground, connect, go within.  I realized that although I had been doing the basic energy maintenance, I have not been really going within or slowing down to receive in that connection.

I’ve been incredibly busy with so many courses, webinars, appointments on top of the regular daily activities that I just have run out of physical time and energy.  This is all good though because humans are not meant to be producing and being on top of the game all of the time.  We are part of nature and nature breaths, lives and moves in cycles and so do we.

By getting into sync with the many natural cycles, we move with ebb and flow.  We have times of high productivity and times of rest.  It is important to honour the cycles regardless of what our minds say or what pressure we feel from family, friends, work or society in general.  So yes, this is easier said than done but start by being aware of the cycles in your life and aligning with the ones you can. Letting go of any resistance is key to align with a cycle.

For me, I realized that I was in a different cycle of learning than what I had been moving on previously and although I thought I was ready to move into a cycle of sharing or teaching, it was time for me to move into another level of learning in that cycle.  Yes, many cycles have levels to them and they do not necessarily move consecutively in a linear way our human minds know.  But sometimes, they do happen one after the other.  And some cycles have no levels. It may appear complicated but nature knows what it is doing and more importantly what we personally need.  Each person has their own cycles to move through, for many reasons but is basically tailored to their growth development plan.  This is why it is important to go with the flow. The flow naturally takes you through the cycles in the way you are meant to move through them.

So as I ebb with the sharing, I am flowing with the learning.  Know that I am still here but honouring my cycles and going deeper to be able to bring about a greater understand that I can then share.

We are, in the very least Ice Cream with Sprinkles

We are always in our heads, thinking, questioning, evaluating, strategizing and we can really get tangled up in our thoughts if we are not careful.  We are made up of several bodies, that is the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. We have the mental body that facilitates our capacity to think but we are not meant to be stuck in them or have them control us.  We are meant to have a balance between the bodies where there is a flow between them to guide us.

Now, I am just like everyone else and I’ve been questioning again, a question I know everyone has and wrestles with. Who am I really?   Now, I don’t want to get my knickers in a knot over it, desperately trying to get an answer and spinning around in my head in that attempt.  I used to do this and I don’t like it much so now that I know better, I ask and then sit in the flow and observe.  Well it is just a matter of remembrance. We know who we are, we just forgot.

Since it is a question everyone asks and many do get twisted and knotted up in it, I am sharing what I’ve discovered.

  • I am light
  • Since we are all one, I am you and that one and that one and we are all the Divine
  • I am love
  • I am energy

It is quite simple.  We are all these.  In the very least, this is who we each are.  It is like ice cream.  In the very least we are all ice cream with sprinkles.  The sprinkles are the sparkles.  We all have sparkles, variations of how we shine the light. dipped-ice-cream-cones-7

We all have our challenges like melting too quickly or not melting fast enough, or being so cold that we give others a brain freeze or soft and delicious; just so yummy.

We each come here to display different colours and flavours of ice cream and sprinkles.  That is our mission, to display those colours and flavours so everyone can experience the variety. We can even be made of different ingredients such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk, soy, nuts or coconut, but we are all still ice cream.

Do you shine the Divine Love and Light by holding a door open for someone or smiling kindly at the grumpiest face you see? Do you share your being with an upbeat attitude or give people gifts for no reason? Do you help others by guiding them to their own answers or do you visit others to help with the chores?  Do you see what I mean, how our uniqueness is in the delivery?

The great thing about this is that we don’t have to stuck forever as one flavour of ice cream with a specific colour of sprinkles.  If being chocolate peppermint with yellow sprinkles is not working out for you, you can try mango with brown sprinkles.  You can always add extra toppings.  We can rest reassured because no matter what we are still ice cream with sprinkles.

So the question is not Who am I?  We are all ice cream with sprinkles.  The question should be; What flavour of ice cream and I and what is the colour of my sprinkles? Have fun exploring this question and let me know what you come up with!

P.S. Don’t forget to jazz it up with a cherry on top!


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